Inland Transportation: 

At Enka Project, we excel in inland transportation, utilizing our fleet of barges and pontoons. Our expertise extends to navigating waterways efficiently, offering reliable and flexible solutions tailored to your cargo needs.

Maritime Transportation:

We specialize in various types of maritime transport, including break bulk and standard container shipping. Whether it's flat rack containers or conventional shipments, we ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods. We specialize in maritime transport, handling standard containers, flat rack containers for oversize cargo, and managing break bulk cargo. Our comprehensive services ensure the safe and efficient shipment of goods, adapting to various cargo types and sizes.

a large cargo ship in the middle of the ocean

Project Cargo Handling

Entrust us with your project cargo needs. We offer comprehensive solutions, including crane rental, certification of fastenings, method of statement preparation, and detailed survey reports (SURVEYS). Our meticulous approach ensures the successful execution of your project cargo requirements.


Project Cargo: Enka Project takes pride in our comprehensive Project Cargo services. With our fleet of cranes, including the powerful DEMAG 2800 crawler crane, and a fleet of SPMT axles (95 units with 5-6 axles each), we provide local services in Poland and extend our capabilities throughout Europe. Our offerings include Method of Statement preparation, documentation, surveys, and customs clearance.

red and blue crane under blue sky during daytime

Land Transport

Whether it's oversize or standard cargo, we utilize specialized trailers and self-propelled platforms for secure land transport. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that your cargo, regardless of its size or nature, reaches its destination reliably and safely.